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Oracle Discoverer FAQ:

What is Oracle Discoverer and what is it used for?[edit]

Oracle Discoverer provides end users easy access to data and allow them to do data analysis and set-up ad-hoc queries.

Oracle Discoverer (like Oracle Reports and Express Objects) is part of Oracle's Business Intelligence set of tools.

Can one access non-Oracle databases via Discoverer?[edit]

Oracle Discoverer provides native connectivity to the Oracle Database Server and Oracle Rdb via Net8.

Connection to other databases are supported via ODBC.

What are the components of Oracle Discoverer?[edit]

  • (Web) Viewer Edition: The Viewer Edition is used to view pre-defined reports. Viewer Edition is currently available for the Web only.
  • User Edition: The User Edition is used by end users to perform ad hoc-query, reporting, analysis and web publishing.
  • Plus Edition: The Plus Edition is similar to User Edition, except this is being accessed over web.
  • Administration Edition: The Administration Edition is used to create and maintain the "End User Layer" (EUL) which is a metadata layer that hides the complexity of the database from end users.