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How to use Password file [message #103367] Fri, 11 July 2003 00:22
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I am facing some problem in Password file....in Oracle9i
suppose i want to create a database name is testdb.Before creating a database i have to create a service throught oradim. At the time of creating service i can provide a password.and this password belong to sys user.
suppose oradim -new -sid testdb -intpwd testdb -startmode a
now sys is having a password testdb
and if i write on dos prompt
now i can
sql>connect sys/testdb as sysdba
it will connect.This is fine..
Now if i try to implement password file.. here i m facing a problem..
c:orapwd file=C:oracleora90databaseorapwdtestdb.pwd password=oracle entries=3
suppose this is a statement..now question is this password belongs to which user?
I read some notes they are saying this is user SYS password. but if i want to connect through this password then system doesn't allow me to connect the database..then what is the use of this password file?
i have read some notes.. and they are saying if u set a parameter remote_login_password=Exclusive
after that if i u give a sysdba role to one user suppose user1 then this user's information i:e userid and password will automatically goes into this password file. and if u'r database is not open then authentication will be done from this password file.
Now question is where should i make this passwordfile.. is there any specific path?
Once if i give a sysdba role to any one system will allow me to connect as a sysdba without making password file..... then what is the use of this password file?
And i have try it but was not be able to implement it. i don't know where i am wrong?
I think i have explain it better manner..

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